Which Stone Should I Choose for My Modern Bathroom?

A modern bathroom should not just look good but should also be highly functional. The stone you select for the bathroom significantly affects its appearance and functionality. With so many options now available in the market, many interior designers, property developers, architects and homeowners often find it difficult to choose the right type of material to complete a perfectly built modern bathroom.

If you too are finding it a little bit overwhelming, one from the below material options may be just the choice you have been looking for.

1. Marble

If you are searching for the best material for your bathroom floor, marble can be a great option. The grandeur of a white marble is unmatched. It is not just beautiful but also has redeemable qualities, making it an excellent choice for any kind of construction or refurbishment project. Some top options that you can consider are Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble, Nero Marquina Marble, Verde Guatemala Marble, Arabescato marble and Pietra Grey Marble. Apart from marble, granite is another popular choice of natural stone as a material to when design modern bathrooms.

2. Travertine

Travertine is another natural stone that you can consider for your bathroom worktops or flooring. The material is beautiful, robust, and one of the few stones that are highly versatile and can be used in any kind of decor. While the stone has a rough texture in its original state, you can also find them in honed, polished, brushed and tumbled finishes. Travertine Noce, Travertine Classico, Travertine Bianco, and Caesarstone Moorland Fog are some top choices.

3. Ceramic

The permeability of ceramic makes it a great choice for modern bathrooms as its surfaces are totally non-porous meaning water cannot go into the material. A ceramic worktop, floor and wall surface is also highly durable, hard-wearing, and can easily withstand most challenging types of application. Further to it, a ceramic surface is also highly resistant to stain and scratches, highly versatile, and has minimum maintenance requirements. Ceralsio is a popular brand for ceramic surfaces. Ceralsio Statuario, Ossido, Ceralsio Carrara Vagli, Ceralsio Charcoal, and Ceralsio Arizona designs from this new brand  which offers high quality products are highly preferred for bathroom applications.

4. Ultra-compact

Ultra-compact surfaces are revolutionary materials with exceptional physical characteristics. These materials are made from raw materials used for manufacturing porcelain, quartz, and glass. Be it bathroom wall cladding or worktop, ultra-compact surfaces are sure to offer a dynamic blend of beauty and functionality. Brands like Dekton are well-known for the wide range of ultra-compact surfaces they offer.

5. Sintered surfaces

The large dimension and lightness of sintered surfaces make them an ideal choice for large renovation projects as well as small bathroom applications like vanity tops and worktops. Sintered surfaces are manufactured from natural materials at very high pressure and temperature. This makes them highly resistant to impacts and scratches. Neolith is one of the most popular brands that offer these advanced sintered surfaces.

While a modern bathroom is generally defined based on its appearance, it is equally important to consider its functionality too. If you are planning to build one such bathroom, these are some of the top options that you should consider. Understand your requirements as well as the pros and cons of these materials to make sure that you select one that perfectly suits your budget and needs.