What You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Floor Protectors

Protecting your floors is very important. Replacing or repairing flooring is expensive and time-consuming. Whether you own a factory or remodel homes, protecting the floor is of the utmost importance. With that said, what can you use to protect the floor from high foot traffic and heavy machinery? Heavy duty surface protection is the ideal solution.

What Are Heavy Duty Floor Protectors?

Heavy duty floor protectors are pieces of material that you can lay down over existing floors to add a layer of protection. A wide variety of types are available, and some companies offer unique products. Trimaco, for example, offers the Aqua Shield floor protector. It’s similar to rubber flooring because it provides a non-slip surface and is leak proof and flame retardant. This is just one example of a type of flooring that companies offer.

What Kind of Materials Are Heavy Duty Floor Protectors Made Out Of

Although some companies use rubber for heavy duty floor protectors, it’s not the only type of material that they can use. Plastic, thick cardboard and carpet are options as well. Each one offers its own pros and cons, which gives you options when it comes to choosing one that fits your needs.

For instance, cardboard is cheap and stands up well to impact damage and heavy traffic. On the other hand, it doesn’t stand up well to leaks. Carpeting is tough and absorbent but isn’t flame resistant. Rubber is a great alternative that offers a little bit of everything, but it’s more expensive. It’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs the best.

What to Consider When Selecting Heavy Duty Surface Protectors

First, you need to decide what you require from the protective flooring. If there will be a lot of liquid, you might want to rule out cardboard. Is there a risk of fire or flames? Don’t go with cardboard or carpet.

Another thing to consider is how long you need the flooring to last. If it’s going to be a short job that only takes a couple of days, cardboard is a good cheap option. If you need it to last longer, though, you might want to choose a more durable surface protector.

If you need to protect flooring in your home or at work, consider heavy duty surface protectors. Companies like Trimaco offer protectors that can stand up to machinery at a job site or heavy foot traffic during a move. In either case, protecting your floors should come first.