Tips For Building Your New Home During Winter

Michigan is a great place to live, and their cold winters can be a part of that. If you love bundling up for winter sports and gazing on the otherworldly beauty of a forest covered in ice, then Michigan winters are for you. But there certainly are some downsides to winter, and many property owners wonder if it’s even possible to build during this season.

The good news is that it is possible. Here’s what you need to know about building during the winter months in Michigan.

Adjust your timing

Building any construction will take longer during the winter in Michigan. There are fewer daylight hours to work during, for instance, and workers will need to wear bulkier clothing and gloves that, making it harder to perform routine tasks quickly. Any work that requires water will go especially slowly, as it becomes necessary to take special precautions to keep pipes from freezing.

It’s definitely possible to get the project done. You just need to adjust your expectations about timing to match weather realities.

Things may cost more

Homebuilders in Michigan are used to the cold, but even for them there are some costs they can’t control. The frozen ground may tear up equipment more quickly, and this may mean paying a surcharge. It may also be necessary to dig frost out of the ground before digging the ground itself: an extra step that may cost more.

At the same time, it’s often costly to put off building construction. If you wait until spring to avoid these costs, you may end up incurring more costs by not being able to move in as soon.

Concrete is picky

Unfortunately, you can only pour concrete and asphalt in certain weather conditions. This means you might have to wait for a stretch of good weather before you do certain parts of your construction project. A good builder experienced in winter construction will be able to help you figure out the right moment for each part of your project.

The good news is that some things can be done no matter what the weather. If you get a stretch of sub-zero temperatures, that’s the perfect time to check out that granite supplier in Kalamazoo, MI and choose the kitchen counters of your dreams.

Getting dried in is key

The process of “drying in” a home basically means getting the entire shell complete. Once the outer structure is up and everything is sealed, workers are protected from the elements and can work inside no matter kind of weather is happening outside.

The key is getting dried in as quickly as possible. Don’t let indoor construction considerations distract you from getting the outside one. Once the house all dried in, you can take your time finishing the inside.

There are benefits to winter construction

There are actually some significant benefits to doing your building during the winter. For one thing, there are fewer other people doing construction during that time. This means it’s a lot less likely your orders will get behind or your contractor’s subcontractor will be late coming from another job.

If you construct in the winter you also get to move in when the snows are melting, which is the perfect time to start on your landscaping. If you’re putting in a pool or any other type of outdoor recreation facility, winter construction is perfect for this. When summer comes and everyone else has their lawns torn up, your project is done and you’re sitting around the pool enjoying your property.

Constructing a new home is always a challenging endeavor, even in the best of weather. A Michigan winter presents special challenges that you need to be aware of going in. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. With a little planning and an understanding of the unique winter challenges, you can take advantage of the season and get your home built just in time to enjoy it come spring.