How to Control Outdoor Mosquitoes for Your Upcoming Wedding

Nothing brings a smile to newly wedded couples than the day of their wedding. Noshing on delicious food and drink. Mingling with their guest, many of whom may have flown in for the special occasion. But for soon-to-be married couples, a few outdoor guidelines should be followed when planning your next wedding.

Wedding planners follow strict checklist to help them meet the needs of their demanding clients. Selecting the proper location of the event is paramount. Especially when that setting is to take place outdoors. Care should be taken for locations close to the water. Because this is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Planning a wedding is not unlike a New York city traffic cop. It’s one big organized bustle of activity. Muscled workers unload and set-up tables, chairs and staging areas. Professional and fussy caterers are preoccupied with making sure they’re dishes will be a hit at the gathering. While the even organizer moves between every group to ensure everything is up to their strict standards. Hired lawn personnel spray the perimeter with bug propellant.

A Few Preemptive Steps

If you’re going to be outdoors, you need to know how to handle mosquitoes. Here are a few ideas on how to keep these two-winged flying pest away. If possible, plan to have all invited guest dine inside the building. Cover all outdoor disposable bins. Make sure you designate someone to keep pick-up all discarded bottle water bottles, including other beverage items.

Basic rules of thumb precautions include:

  • Empty all stagnant water containers
  • Purchase a candle mosquitoes repellent
  • Purchase yellow bug lights
  • Spray the perimiter

Outdoor events call for pragmatic diligence for event planners. Having a set of guidelines to follow will keep invited guest from becoming irritated. A chorus of skin-slapped invitee’s does not make a pleasant evening. How do you keep mosquitoes away? Have a plan.

1. Citronella oil.One methods that has been proven to be effective is using the oil in outdoor settings. Citronella oil is an extract made from lemongrass. While it won’t kill the blood-sucking insects, it will repel them.

2. Strategically placed fans.Did you know that mosquitoes are weak flyers? They’re paper-thin wings can’t stand up to a fan set at a medium or moderately fast setting. This could be an inexpensive option, as the goal is to keep the bugs off guest.

3. Cedar mulch.Laying down this protective covering on the ground will remove not only mosquitoes, but other crawly creatures down there. The mulch acts as a fumigant and will irritate the pesky mosquitoes. They will want to be elsewhere.

Mosquitoes (A health hazard)

Mosquitoes carry serious diseases. If you’re going to be outside, getting rid of them should be a top priority. It will allow everyone to enjoy the outdoor experience stress-free. This blog post gives you the practical foresight needed to keep those itchy critters away from your guest. Controlling outdoor mosquitoes doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore. It just takes the proper planning beforehand. Another option for hands-off types is to consult the services of your nearest exterminator. These service professionals have several commercial bug repellents for every budget.

Smart Landscaping

The elements that make up your outdoor construction should go hand-in-hand with your wedding planning. Lawn care should be the foundation of your outdoor wedding planning. Lawn maintenance will invite guest to stroll across your beautiful landscape. Lawn management will bring an integrated approach to your landscapes tree, plant and shrubs selection. Each centerpiece should have a dual purpose to coincide with mosquito removal.

Author Bio : Sarah works for “Yourgreenpal” and she loves writing about lawns and gardens.