Hiring Your First Marketer – A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Woman arriving for job interview

As a company, hiring your first marketer is no walk in the park, regardless of the size of the business. In this brief post, we are going to take a look at some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for an excellent marketer for your business.

The Seniority Level

If you require a do-er but have a small budget, as is the case with most startups, do not hesitate to hire at mid-management level first. You need individuals who are happy with rolling up their sleeves and not used to managing big teams that do things for them.

You Cannot Have Everything

It is not uncommon for startups to want a multichannel marketer who is good at everything including copywriting, SEO and PPC, events management, sales and so much more. The truth of the matter is that it is very hard to come across a marketer who is good at all these things and willing to work for a new business. Even if they are good at all these things, it’s usually best to outsource some things, like to a brand design company, so they can focus on other things. The failure to maximise their natural strengths and forcing them to juggle too many balls won’t give you the results you are after.

Company Size

This is another important point to consider. If the marketer comes from a corporate structure, chances are they will not be as used to the autonomy and responsibility that comes with a new business. If they have only worked within huge teams with big budgets, it will take a while to adapt to your startup’s structure as well as a relatively small budget.

Consider the Future

Where do you see the team growing? If you think you might require a content specialist down the road, given it is an imperative focus for most brands, then it’s worth ensuring that your marketing generalist isn’t too passionate about that area. If you have a generalist who’s very passionate regarding content, it will be hard to define where their role stops and the content specialist takes over down the line.

The Budget

As with any other task in a business, you will require a budget for marketing. Some marketers will be used to working with small budgets and happy to work with a startup, but it is usually helpful if they know what they are dealing with from the start. The budget will allow them to know what channels they need to focus on. The budget will ideally be useful in helping you decide the kind of marketers to hire. Those used to working with huge budgets may not be able to work on a smaller budget in the same manner. It’s ideally a question that competent marketers will ask during the interview, and so, be sure to keep that in mind.

How Many Marketers Do You Need?

As mentioned earlier, there are sectors that you may be looking to focus on in the future. If you have a hefty events schedule and ideally want a comprehensive events marketing strategy, you will need to consider how many marketers you need and also the specific roles that they will be playing.

Growth Potential

Your first hire in a marketing role might be joining because they see a big potential in their career and a chance to become a Director or a shareholder in the company as it grows. Keep in mind that it might be hard to find someone who’s used to having autonomy. Ensure that your first hire has the potential to become that Director in the near future even if you aren’t hiring them for that position now.