Get Your Foundation Leak Fixed by Professional Experts

An unpleasant disruption caused to your everyday operations by a slab leak is one of the many things you’d want to absolutely avoid. A slab leak or a foundation leak is basically a break in sewer or water lines. When pipes that run beneath the concrete sustain damage, problems like humidity and water stains occur, causing further damage to the walls of your house. Breakage of sewer lines can lead to grotesque circumstances that affect the hygiene and fresh environment of your house. Unfortunately, such emergencies are likely to occur when you have one or more of the following conditions prevailing in your house:

– Corroding pipelines caused by soil, chemicals or heat – in this process the concrete and pipes suffer damage from the outside. However, the damage occurs differently when it comes to cold pipes, which become affected by electrolysis and corrode from the inside. 

– In other cases, vibration is a culprit that eventually causes wear and tear. 

– When pressure results from poor plumbing/construction services, many problems arise affecting both the concrete and pipes.

Slab leaks may be difficult to detect at first and may have caused enough trouble by the time they become apparent. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye out for the signs that indicate such a problem. If you address the problem readily, you may be able to save yourself from hefty repair costs.

If your water bill is unusually high, it may be an indication of excess water being used. If you’re certain no extra water is being used, you must call a professional service to inspect your pipes and faucets properly as soon as possible. 

Usually sounds of running water not emanating from any faucet or appliance is a major sign of leakage beneath the foundation. Other signs include carpets and rugs appearing moist from over-saturation and releasing excessive moisture into the house. You may also experience water puddles on the floor. 

Hire a reputable company to fix the problem once you’re certain of something being wrong. A plumber skilled in foundation leak detection will be crucial to handling this problem with care as qualified and experienced plumbers can properly examine problematic areas. Expert plumbers are skilled in using and operating various mechanical instruments and non-evasive equipment including electronic amplificationpressure gaugeselectromagnetic pipeline locators, and camera inspections. 

After detecting a break in the pipe, plumbers would cut out the foundation and fix the pipe. They may even install a new pipe if needed. Re-piping is considered a necessary step if multiple leaks are detected. Plumbers can even use pipe coating depending on the condition of the break and also on the budget of the client. Epoxy pipe coating is used to coat the pipe from within to cover the exposed area. It is a cost-effective procedure; however, the methodology may require minimum construction to access the pipe. 

If a slab leak is not treated properly with expert plumbing services, you might experience recurring leaks that can deteriorate the problem severely. Plumbing companies that are licensed, insured and have extensive experience in this field will possess insight to employ the most suitable methods by evaluating emergencies according to the situation of each emergency itself. This will not only save you time and energy but also money.