Do you know how to repressurise your boiler?

Your boiler works hard to keep your home warm and supplied with hot water whenever you need it but this complex piece of equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure that it can continue to work effectively and efficiently for as long as possible.

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As this article explains, maintaining the pressure of your boiler is particularly important because this pressure facilitates efficient heating of the cold water that moves through your home’s pipes and radiators.

Repressurising modern boilers

Modern boilers are equipped with built-in pressure gauges and quick glance at the gauge will tell you whether pressure levels require some adjustment to ensure your boiler is in the best position to effectively regulate the flow of water throughout your home’s heating and water system. Your system might have lost some water if your pressure gauge is displaying a reading of less than 1 bar, which will need to be replaced.

If your gauge is displaying a reading in excess of 2.75 bar, your boiler’s pressure relief valve will begin to discharge water to alleviate some of the pressure. In this situation, bleeding your radiators is also recommended, but if these steps do not reduce the pressure in your boiler’s system, it is important to contact experienced heating professionals, such as the Gloucester boilers team whose services can be found here, as soon as possible.

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7 steps to repressurising your boiler

Your boiler will have a filling loop, which can be used to repressurise your heating system by refilling it with water. There are various types of filling loop, however, the repressurising process will be the same.

– Turn off your boiler and allow to cool
– Ensure that both ends of your external filling loop are attached securely to prevent any leaks
– Turn the control valve and listen for the sound of moving water inside
– Monitor your pressure gauge and wait for it to display a reading of 1.5 bar
– Turn the control valve to close
– Turn your boiler back on
– If the display asks you to, press the reset button

We always recommend consulting the instruction manual issued by the manufacturer before conducting any maintenance on your boiler. If you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to call a professional heating team who will be more than happy to address your concerns.