Colors Of Carpet

Although laminate flooring is an option to consider if you want something in your home that is easy to clean, there are a few carpet trends that you might want to consider as well. Neutral carpet colors are an option if you want to put rugs on the floor or if you want to be able to coordinate paint colors on the walls and decorations in your home without worrying about the color of the carpet that you have.

Layers of colors are a trend that includes a combination of textures and patterns as well. When there are more textures on the floor, it’s sometimes easier to clean the carpet because there are ridges that help to keep dirt away instead of just one layer of carpet that traps dirt. Woven patterns are also an option to consider. Flowers and leaves are trending designs that work well with any neutral color. Try to find a pattern that will match the other themes that you have in your home instead of trying to match the colors and decorations to the pattern that is on the carpet.

Swirls, large dots, and loops are also popular trends that you might want to look into if you’re thinking about installing carpet in your home. Neutral colors are sometimes easier to keep clean because you can see stains on the floor. Stripes work well in a smaller room as they can make it seem like there’s more space. After you have the carpet installed, you can then begin looking at the rugs and other details that you want to include in the room. Rugs that are a contrasting color instead of those that are made with similar shades offer more options for decorating inside the room instead of staying within a certain color family, such as black on white.