Entertain Longer With A Nice Patio Cover

When you purchase a home, you may find that you have a great deal of options to consider. One of the factors that you may want is a good backyard, and a patio. These are great upgrades for a standard home, and can help you with entertainment, relaxation, and a lot more. Whether you are hanging out alone outside, or you are inviting a lot of people, having room to house them becomes great. But what about the high heat? What do you do in the middle of summer when it’s extremely hot? No one wants to bake in the … Read the rest

Colors Of Carpet

Although laminate flooring is an option to consider if you want something in your home that is easy to clean, there are a few carpet trends that you might want to consider as well. Neutral carpet colors are an option if you want to put rugs on the floor or if you want to be able to coordinate paint colors on the walls and decorations in your home without worrying about the color of the carpet that you have.

Layers of colors are a trend that includes a combination of textures and patterns as well. When there are more textures … Read the rest

Four Textures You Need in Your Pool Design

Textures and materials play a large part in the final appearance of your backyard features. They also help keep the area safe or peaceful. Make sure you consider adding these four textures to your swimming pool construction annapolis md and patio:

1. Anti-Slip Coating

One of the most important design elements your pool can have is safety. When people are running in and out of the pool, water is going to get into the surfaces of your pool deck and patio. Chlorinated water is especially slippery. So, look for a deck coating that has plenty of pockets and crevices to … Read the rest