AC Repair Corpus Christi LLC HVAC Tips and Tricks for New Homeowners

When you first bought your home, whether this is your first time to buy or your fifth time, it is imperative to be very familiar with its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that controls the comfort level of your house. Before you consider the help of a professional HVAC repair contractor like AC Repair Corpus Christi LLC, make sure that you know every part of the house.

Doing so will permit you to perform preventive maintenance your HVAC system needed and recognize any signs of a problem, as well as avoid rookie mistakes. In return, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will give you reliability and savings in energy costs.

Know your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

Does your house have centralized heat pumps, air conditioning, boiler, or mini-split systems? After knowing how your home is cooled and heated, find out how the system is being powered, whether they powered by electricity, propane gas, oil, or natural gas. Other significant things you need to know about HVAC system include:


Although a lot of heating, air condition, and ventilating system last for decades, most HVAC system units will face problems after 10 to 15 years. You need to make sure that everything works fine because as appliance ages, the performance also diminishes.

Efficiency ratings

Cooling and heating systems have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER, energy efficiency ratio or EER, annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE, and heating seasonal performance factor or HSPF ratings. You need to make sure that they meet the required efficiency ratings set by the United States Department of Energy. The higher your system unit’s scores, the more efficient your unit is. To know more about these efficiency rating, click here.


In addition to knowing your HVAC system unit’s warranty terms and conditions, you need to learn what kind of actions nullifies the warranty. It is essential that your heating, air conditioning, and ventilating system units have a valid warranty because in case that your unit faces accidents, you can ask for a replacement, refund, or ask the manufacturers for a free repair.

A result of maintenance inspection

If the last owner took good care of the HVAC system unit, we’re pretty sure that they are hiring a professional HVAC professional to do the yearly maintenance for them. You can also ask the previous owners or the professional they hired for the inspection reports to know about the issues the unit have experienced to be aware of all the problems that it has or that might occur.

You can also hire your HVAC expert to do maintenance inspections because there are cases that previous owners of the house pay the inspection team to give them a good maintenance report to make the market price of the house high.

Regularly change the air filter of your HVAC unit

One of the simplest tasks you can do to make sure that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is in top form and performs in their maximum best, is to change the system unit’s air filters as often as possible. Most manufacturers suggest that you do this frequently, at least once or twice every year. Most thermostats will remind the owners that a filter change is already needed.

The area around your house as well as your outdoor units

Maintaining the outside of your home does more than making your house looks presentable and beautiful. It also helps with the maintenance and the performance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit. It makes sure that it has proper ventilation and ensure cleanliness. Trees, plants, shrubs, and other vegetation within three feet of your house or HVAC system unit should be removed to make sure that it has good clearance.

It is also a good idea to keep your furniture, garden tools, supplies as well as your kid’s toys away from your system unit. Leaves, tree barks, or pine needles around the HVAC unit can also pose a significant danger for them. The same also goes for snow and ice.

Take good care of your unit for snow and ice

It is okay for your unit to have a lite ice or snow on them during winter. If a larger block or sheet of snow or ice from the winter or you notice some ice formations during the summer, you have to call the heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert right away. Always remember, do not pour boiling or hot water on your unit to melt the ice.

Do not close the vents on your property

Because you want to save energy, most especially money on cooling and heating cost, most people tend to close the vents in their house or the room that they rarely use. This action will increase your energy cost because the HVAC system unit will work twice to maintain the comfort level of your home.

Because of this, most HVAC experts recommend that homeowners should never block their ventilation with any objects like books, furniture, blankets, bed linens, pillows, or any appliance. If you want cool or heat in particular part of your house, you can talk to a heating, ventilation, and air condition expert about making new zones in your home.

Yearly HVAC maintenance

You can hire the services of ventilation, heating, and air condition professionals to do yearly maintenance on your cooling and heating system unit. The check-up and tune-up will keep your unit in pristine and optimal condition and alert the owners for any problems that could potentially become major repairs. There is an excellent time to do your yearly maintenance, between spring or fall, or before the weather gets too cold or too hot.

If you want to be sure that everything in your new house is safe, you can always ask for second opinions from other HVAC professionals or you can check the Internet for suggestions and recommendations. You search Google for answers, check Yelp reviews of known HVAC experts and ask them some questions or if you want to be more personal, visit sites like Google Maps or and search for the nearest A/C repair shops and pay them a visit.

Mind your home’s ductwork

When your house has dust regularly, uneven temperatures, too humid, have a musty smell or has an energy cost that is unusually high, you need to hire an HVAC professional to inspect your ventilation and ductwork and clean if necessary. Leakage in your home’s ductwork will hurt your HVAC system’s performance and can send cold air into places and spaces in your house that you don’t usually use; like in between walls.