5 Things You and Your Family Should Know Before Moving to New Jersey

Deciding to move to a new state can be a tough process if you don’t know which one will suit you best. This is especially if you’re moving with your family. You may be looking for a state that will provide you the opportunities to advance in your career and/or escape the horrible weather of where you currently live. You also want the moving and adjustment process to be easy for your children, as it tends to be harder for kids than adults.

You’ll be happy to know that New Jersey can make the moving process a piece of cake while satisfying the needs of the whole family. Just remember these five things before you move to the Garden State so that you can experience the best that it has to offer.

Extreme Weather

You may be used to constant humidity if you live in Florida, dry heat if you’re from Arizona, wind if you live in Illinois, and snow if you’re from Wyoming. Very few states provide a variety of weather conditions, and less extremes in these categories, the way New Jersey does. New Jersey summers experience numerous thunderstorms, and temperatures can reach close to those common in the Southeast and Southwest. Blizzards can be a regular occurrence in the winters, as well. This might not sound like a foreign concept to those who live in states like Pennsylvania or Ohio, but to people who lived in places like California or Hawaii, such variety in weather can seem unreal.

If you’re from somewhere that hardly cancels school because of weather conditions, the amount of snow that you’ll deal with will sound great to your kids. However, it can also be a problem for your home if it’s not built to deal with it, or if you don’t know the right person who can fix frozen pipes or roof leaks. There are plenty of professionals such as this Northern New Jersey siding contractor who can bring your house back into shape. Having an extra car battery on hand during snowstorms is also a good idea so that you have a way to get home if your car starts having problems. Boots and jackets are designed for thunder and snowstorms, so be sure to grab a pair when you get to New Jersey so that you’re ready for the state’s weather.

Full Service Gas Stations

It’s convenient to have someone do something for you, even if it’s something as simple as pumping your own gas. That is the case with New Jersey, though the reason for full service gas stations in this state has more to do with the law and the safety of its residents than just saving you the trouble of getting out of your car and holding the nozzle. New Jersey ruled it illegal for people to pump their own gas because of the risk of fire hazards that come from people not handling the equipment correctly. Instead, employees from the stations are assigned with pumping the gas while you hang out in your car.

While this may give you the idea that the state doesn’t trust you enough to pump your own gas, they’re really just looking out for your safety. So it’s best not to take it personally, especially if you’ve never been to New Jersey before. You can use the time that you would’ve spent putting gas in the car to grab a snack and drink. This should be helpful if you want to get your kids to school on time or if you have a long road trip planned. Having someone else pump your gas can serve as an opportunity to answer a call or text from a friend, family member, or co-worker that you received while you were driving. This provides an increase in your safety by allowing you to stay focused on the road instead of looking at your phone every few minutes.

Career Opportunities

If being able to make money to support your family is the main reason for your need to move, then heading over to the Garden State will be a smart move. The median household income in New Jersey is $71,629. This is higher than that of New York, in case you thought that you had to move to the Big Apple to find the best ways to make the most money. As a result, you’ll have less worries about being able to put food on the table, as well as being able to move up the ladder in your line of work. The chance for a well-paying salary comes with the variety of well-paying fields that are available here, including marketing, engineering, finance, architecture, law, and computer research. The universities in this state help by providing different fields to study, such as these online liberal arts degree programs.

Teachers moving to New Jersey, specifically those working in public schools, will be treated with the highest starting salary for this profession in the country at $48,631. If you’re not a teacher but have been giving the profession some thought, this should be an additional motivator for taking it on. You’ll also be in great luck if you’re involved in the medical field or aspire to be a doctor one day. Some of the best paying jobs are part of this profession, including psychiatrists, orthodontists, physicians and surgeons. This works out perfectly if you intend to be a dentist in Morristown, NJ or get involved in children’s healthcare in Chatham, NJ.


Despite being one of the smallest states in the Northeast, New Jersey has a population that rivals that of New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The state is divided into North, Central and South Jersey, and all of them together are made up of 565 municipalities in seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas. This means that whether you’re driving on the highway or taking a train to another part of the state, you will be surrounded by a dense population of travelers. The three regions of New Jersey have their own environments, with some being more populated based on their attractions. This means that certain regions make it easier to get around than others.

Getting used to the highways of Jersey may take some time if you’re used to less packed roads. Among the elements that can make getting around a problem are “jughandles,” which use ramps on the right side of the road to make traffic turn left at an at-grade intersection instead of having drivers in the left lane making a regular left turn. This will mean a high chance of you missing your exits when you first get on the state’s highways. The best way to approach jughandles is to pay attention to where exits are so that you are never late for work.

Fun Attractions

Knowing the best attractions near your new home will make planning family vacations much easier. Beach lovers will have a great time at the Jersey Shore, which you can enjoy along Seaside Heights, Wildwood, and other towns. Shore activities include surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing. The lighthouses will grant you an amazing view of the sun setting over the ocean, the boardwalk puts you right between the beach and the city’s best bars and restaurants, and Atlantic City will be a great experience for those who enjoy gambling. If you’re more interested in other parts of nature, outdoor activities throughout the state include horseback riding, ballooning, and river rafting.

New Jersey is also home to a long list of parks great for weekend destinations with your family. Six Flags Great Adventure, Clementon Amusement Park, and Steel Pier are great options if you enjoy roller coasters and other thrilling rides, and water parks like Hurricane Harbor, Pirate’s Cove, and Splash Zone will be a blast if you prefer water-based activities. The state’s art centers and studios are perfect for kids who love drawing and painting. These settings will also serve as opportunities for your kids to meet other children and make new friends when they’re not attempting to do so at school, making it easier for them to get used to their new home.

 Keep these tips in mind when you move to New Jersey so that you can adjust quickly and enjoy a better living situation.