4 Home Repairs You Should Hire a Professional to Handle

With the explosion of YouTube and the increase of DIY articles, you might think that doing every repair yourself is simple. After all, it’s your house, so why shouldn’t you be doing the work? While the self-starting attitude is great to have, if you’re not a pro, you might end up doing some serious damage when you’re trying to fix a problem. However, some repairs are a little too risky to handle on your own — and some are just way easier to let someone else do. Here are some repairs that should really be left to the pros.

Electrical Work

There’s probably not a builder on the planet who would call any form of electrical wiring a DIY job. When it comes to wiring, there’s too great of a margin of error for it to be a safe at-home project. Faulty wiring carries some heavy consequences and can even be fatal. Sure, you’re probably capable of handling a simpler project such as installing a new light fixture or setting up a ceiling fan, but if it’s something that requires you to get into the walls of your home or tinker with wires, you might end up calling an electrical contractor in Dillsburg, PA.

Calling in an electrical contractor is especially important for older homes. Many of these houses were constructed with plaster and lath instead of traditional studs and drywall. Plaster and lath often confuses AC detectors on modern stud finders, so it becomes difficult to determine where the wiring in your house goes. An electrical contractor will be able to determine how your home was wired as well as repair any damaged wires they come across.

If you’re worried about a damaged wire, cut the breaker to the affected area immediately before calling a professional. You don’t want to risk a dangerous electrical fire in your home. Even if your project is as simple as running exposed cords through the wall, you may want to contact an electrician. They’ll tidy up the cords without damaging to your walls.


When it comes to construction, handling some general projects is easy enough. But you’ll find plenty that you shouldn’t attempt by yourself. Especially if your projects are structural or foundational, you need to get in touch with a professional, regardless of the cost. Because the foundation is extremely important in making sure your home is safe and habitable, relying on the expertise of a professional construction crew to get the job done is a good idea.

Don’t let any foundational cracks or damages sit unattended for too long, either. Foundational damage will quickly lead to damages throughout the rest of your home, including cracked walls, sagging ceilings, and oddly sloping floors.

One of the biggest construction projects that people think they can handle themselves is the removal of a damaged load-bearing wall. After all, knocking out a wall seems easy enough, right? You’d think that all you need to do is grab a sledgehammer and swing away. However, if the wall is load-bearing, it carries weight and supports parts of your home, be it an upper floor or your roof. For those of you in the Lake Erie area, you may want to look into residential construction in Lyndhurst, OH, to find a repair specialist who is able to handle this deceptively tricky job.

Tree Removal

For all the natural beauty trees provide to a property, they have a tendency to bring along some unexpected complications to home ownership. Their roots are incredibly strong and are capable of damaging the foundation of your home. Also, a dead tree could damage surrounding plants and as it becomes more brittle, its limbs may break off and fall onto power lines or you or your neighbor’s property.

Smaller trees are safe to remove on your own, but the larger ones? Let’s just say there’s a reason so many viral videos exist of people messing up tree removals. This applies to tree trimming as well. If a tree is taller than 10 to 15 feet, you should contact a professional instead of doing it yourself. Plus, outdoor power equipment and inexperience are rarely a good combination. It’s better not to try to go it alone when it comes to tree removal or trimming.

A tree removal specialist will be able to assess the trees on your property and gauge how to cut them down so they can avoid the risk of a tree falling and snagging a power line or hitting your home. Once the tree has been felled, a tree removal specialist will work to remove the stump and the roots as well. They’ll also dispose of the tree after cutting it down, typically by running it through a wood chipper. While it may seem like a good idea to rent a chainsaw and try the removal yourself, save yourself the risk of an ER trip and reach out to a professional service.

Major Plumbing Projects

You’ve stopped a leak or two. You’ve even successfully unclogged a few drains. This does not a plumber make. Plumbing projects often follow the same guidelines as electrical work. If you need to get behind the walls, you need to call in a professional. This also holds true if you’re thinking that any of your pipes need replaced or if any work needs to be done on your water main. While some of these projects seem simple enough on paper, improper installation and replacement will lead to water damage throughout your home.

Unchecked water damage can severely destroy parts of your home. Leaks throughout the plumbing only need 48 hours to grow mold, which can make your life a whole lot harder if you deal with asthma or allergies. On top of mold and mildew concerns, water damage often cause stains and damage paint. As a result, the price of repair will quickly climb higher and higher. Flooding is also a major concern with plumbing projects. Standing water in any area of your home will easily make it uninhabitable. Not only will you be footing the bill for a repair, you’ll be footing the bill for a temporary hotel stay as well.

When it comes to plumbing, prevention is key. If you reach out to a professional, you won’t have to deal with the frustrations of poorly installed plumbing and potential water damages. You’ll save time, energy, and perhaps most important, money.

Doing It the Right Way

Though this list is full of projects you shouldn’t do alone, that doesn’t mean that you need to call in the cavalry for every single crack in the wall. A hobbyist can safely do plenty of DIY projects. From painting to decor considerations and all of the smaller repairs in between, you have no shortage of ways to put your touch on your home. However, if it involves dangerous power tools or requires you to start digging around in your walls, protect your limbs as well as your pocketbook and reach out to a professional. Sometimes, you’ve simply got to ask for help.